Friday, July 31, 2009

New Listing

So I finally got creative again after a mini-slump. And I'm back to blogging after slacking. But I decided to sit down and do another Byzantine piece a few nights ago. As most crafters, I was watching TV while I was creating and didn't realize that I'd missed a step in my bracelet until I looked down and saw that the rings were overlapping each other like scales rather than making the signature byzantine link.

After being upset for about 5 seconds, I held the bracelet out to the partner and asked him what he thought about it. He was really impressed by the "new" weave and said that it looked like a great piece. That sealed it. i decided to continue the weave and see how it ended up.

The final piece ended up being a really sturdy weave that has barely and give to it since the links overlap a lot. But this means that it is also a very strongn bracelet. I also attached what is quickly becoming my signature; a wire wrapped bead. I like the look of a little dangle from the end of the bracelet as it gives it a little bit more "sparkle" or shine.

I called it the mermaid's tail because it looks like scales to me and the size of the rings also made it look very delicate and feminine. I always get attached to my pieces but this one really made my day better.

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