Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Polymer Clay Pendant

So after years of just playing around with polymer clay, I decided to add it to my list of materials for jewelry. Last night I added a new necklace that showcases my first foray into polymer clay as a serious medium. I think that it turned out fairly well for being my first real try. It was born of a cane that I made when I was just fooling around stacking chocolate brown and metallic copper clay together. Then I started reducing and cutting it until I got one of my favorite patterns in clay....the checkerboard!

I wanted this pendant to have a very rough sort of look, so I cut out circles of the clay and smooshed them together to get a rectangular shape that looked very organic. It sort of reminds me of a rough gemstone that has been chiseled out of rock and is waiting to be polished. The metallic accents in the copper clay are barely picked up unless it is placed in the correct light. I like how understated this pendant is but how I could picture some artist or gallery owner wearing it to an opening of some new exhibit.

I can see the piece being nestled among the silk shawl carelessly thrown about the artist's shoulders as she circulates about the room, talking to fans, to other artists and to the gallery owner. I think that this piece would become the center of attention when she stands up under the spotlight to talk about her latest work, as it sparkles without being overwhelming.

I love this pendant and just had to talk about it to someone other than my partner. (He gets sort of sick of hearing me gush about my latest piece. I just get attached to each one and have to talk about them though, you crafters understand.)

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