Thursday, July 16, 2009

Adventures in Japanese 6-in-1

So yesterday I spent about 3 or 4 hours creating a handflower/slave bracelet out of two different sizes of aluminum rings. The pattern that I used was a slightly altered Japanese 6-in-1. I have always been very hesistant to move outside of the European weaves but I was feeling a little froggy after I had not only made a Byzantine bracelet but it had actually been my first sale on Etsy!

So I decided to modify the pattern from one that spirals outward in a circle to one that I could create in a traingle shape. I thought that it would be easy to modify and it was; but it led to a few problems. I have always had a problem with completely closing my rings and this was no exception. With heftier or tighter weaves this isn't a problem because the rings are held in place and never have a chance to line up in that ever so perfect way that they do in order to fall apart. I should know, I test all my chainmaile by wearing to work for a day. (Not the earrings though..I usually make a sample pair and test the design on those). But since I am a library slave, I am constantly running around, carting around books, etc so the jewelry does get a work out. But this delicate weave means that I am going to have to go back to the drawing board when it comes to closing rings. It will probably just mean a lot of practice and time.

So I finally went to bed, a little disappointed but feeling ok. When I woke up however, I realized that I had committed a kitty owner's biggest sin: I left the handflower out where Kitten could play with it. I spent almost 20 minutes trying to find it before my partner reached over and said, "Is this it?" Sometimes I want to smack him and kiss him all at once!

So after a harrowing 20 minutes, I examined the handflower to see that it had come apart even more and now needed repairs, which is how I plan to spend my evening tonight.

Happy Crafting!

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