Thursday, August 6, 2009

Selling an item

Does anyone else do that thing where as soon as someone buys an item you have to go look at it and make sure that it is completely perfect? Using that one bead which seemed so perfect at the time now looks off to you? That handmade clasp now seems cheap? You start to think that the person couldn't have possibly meant to buy this and you have to make sure that everything is perfect before you can even think about sending it out?

Well, that is what I always go through before I send out a purchase. I have to talk myself down and make sure that I realize that yes, this person likes this. They saw my pictures and wanted to buy this. I still need to gain a lot more confidence in my work.

At least I know that this obsession over details will help me when it comes to shipping. I always take great pains to make sure that the piece is securely wrapped and packaged before I send it off into the great unknown. I know what the post office has to sort through every day. And I know that that means that while my package is precious to me, it's just another one to them.

So while I do stress over purchases, I love them. There is nothing like the feeling of logging onto Etsy and seeing "You have 1 item to leave feedback for. Leave feedback now". Love it

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